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Kayak Fishing Lake Perris

kayaking Bodega Bay kayaking ice house reservoir 

Lake Perris

Lake Perris isn’t what I consider a gorgeous lake, but if you arrive as the sun is making its way over the low foothills, and as the early morning mist hovers just above the water surface, the lake does have a mystical beauty about it.. .... (read more)

Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay is tucked away in Sonoma County. Bodega Bay is a glittering emerald jewel in the heart of Northern California’s countryside, along the spectacular and beautiful Sonoma Coast, just 65 miles North of San Francisco. .. (read more)


   Ice House Reservoir

“Spellbinding” perfectly describes this mountain reservoir’s terrain, as your eyes take in sunlit ripples glistening on the water’s surface. Thick stands of conifer trees flank the shoreline, providing plenty of shady pullout access areas to relax...  (read more)


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